Spotlight on the producer – Jems

JEMS is a small family business. From our kitchen we produce goods to our own special family recipes. Many of the basic recipes date back to the Victorian era. We like to take our basic recipe and spice them up a bit for modern tastes. Jams, Chutneys & Preserves are made using open pans and stirred by hand. Whenever possible we use locally grown or sourced ingredients. We aim to produce our goods, without the use of artificial colours, flavourings, or preservatives. All our products have a high fruit content and are therefore lower in processed sugar and contain natural sugars. We were called “The Jam Ladies” from the beginning and have even included it on our labels.

Originally from Liverpool we now live in the beautiful coastal region of Gronant North Wales.
We benefit from the fresh local produce all prepared with a bit of Liverpool humour. If you don’t believe me check out the labels. From our “Getupandgo” Marmalade to our “Mexican Hat” chutney we try to develop the name to go with the product. This has got us into trouble on occasion.
A  few years ago we developed a new Marmalade, an Orange, Mango, Pineapple, Lemon & Lime combo which we thought tasted very exotic. So our EXOTIC Marmalade was born. We printed off the labels (even our labels are home-made), and put out at our next market. It went really well people were coming up to the stall pointing and buying it straight away. Half way through the morning one of our regular customers approached us and whispered confidentially “My friend has just bought some of your EROTIC marmalade. Could I have a jar please. It is for my husband.”
It was only then that we thought to check the spelling on the label. That marmalade is still one of our best sellers only now it is called CARIBBEAN Marmalade. Not as exciting but at least we don’t risk getting raided by the vice squad.
The story of JEMS would not be complete without mentioning my lovely sister Anne. Sadly she passed away very suddenly a few months ago but she was the artistic genius behind our packaging and presentation and her legacy lives on in our stall to this day.
Conway Farmers Market is one of my favourite markets each month. It is small and friendly with a bunch of highly skilled makers and producers, in one of the most beautiful settings in North Wales. It is entirely due to the support and encouragement of my fellow market traders that I have found the courage and strength to continue after Anne’s sad demise.
Pick up your JEMS at the next Conwy Farmers Market.

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